Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep

Copyright 2011 by S.J. Watson

I’m not sure where to begin on this review. I should preface that by saying that it was absolutely fantastic.  I read this novel in one night and was exhausted for work the next day because of that, but it was well worth it!

This is S.J. Watson’s first novel and an engaging one at that.  He’ll have quite the fan base if and when he publishes another book.

The novel starts off with a very confused woman, Christine. She doesn’t know where she is, who the man is next to her in bed, and can hardly recognize herself in the mirror.  The man next to her tells her that he is her husband, they’ve been married for years and she had a bad accident that has left her with amnesia.  Christine struggles through the novel trying to remember who she is and who she can trust.

Watson creates a novel with incredible prose and complete engrossment.  The reader becomes one with Christine and then all of the sudden it’s you with amnesia trying to decide who to trust.  I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish and could not put the book down. My only quip with the novel is the use of the phrase “go on” used a little to excessively in spots, but that is such a petty complaint.

It’s hard for a novel to be perfect.  In fact, I’m sure there were times when Watson was writing this that it was hard to make parts of the book work together. However, I strongly feel that Watson did an outstanding job which is why I recommended this book to all of my coworkers and now to all of you! Get it and stay up all night reading it.

S.J. Watson is a Goodreads author and he also has a website so check both of those sites out!

This book is also being adapted into a movie by Ridley Scott’s production company which is very exciting!


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