Books in Stock- Used book haul!

I simply cannot get enough of used books.  Their vintage cover art, yellowed pages and antiqued smell are everything I look for in a used book.  In fact, I choose the most worn titles with writing and dog-eared pages as an added bonus.  Desperately wanting more books for my collection, I remembered I had a credit at a store called Books in Stock.  So I went out and used the rest of my credit on some things I’d been wanting to read, so here they are…

I recently purchased In the Woods by Tana French as an ebook for my NOOK color (yes I read ebooks too!) I had heard great things about it so I decided to give it a try.  I haven’t finished it yet, but it is really good so far which is why I picked up the other two novels in the Dublin Murder Squad series, The Likeness and Faithful Place. I purchased both of them for just $13 which, of course, is a steal.  I may review these later on just because I really like them (thus far) and want everyone else to pick them up too!

The next book is Stephen King’s Misery.  My co-worker and I were recently talking about Stephen King and how much we adored his older work.  Let’s face it- anyone that has read Stephen King knows that his older work is much better than his newest. Anyway, my co-worker mentioned that he really liked the movie Misery, so I decided to pick up the book. I think that since I am such a nice person, I may gift this to him as well! The added bonus to this book is the artwork that follows the cover art, it’s fantastic! I didn’t even notice it when I picked it up until after I brought it home. King is looking quite dashing, isn’t he?

The last title is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  What’s absolutely crazy is that I did not already own this and nor have I read it all the way through yet! Somehow I did not have to read this title in college.  There was a whole course offered on Jane Austen the semester after I graduated that I would have taken but I’ll just have to read it on my own.  The cover of this one is pretty plain but this edition is quite compact and smelled the best so it made it’s way home with me.  Diane Hunter is also printed on the pages opposite the spine.  It’s always interesting to wonder why some people get rid of certain books, I have such a hard time parting with mine…

What gems have you picked up at the book store lately? Leave a comment below!



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