endlessqueue, What are you up to?

Although I have not posted a book review as of late, I do have some currently in the works! I’m in the middle of two novels that, so far, are proving to be good reads.  One of which is from an author I am not familiar with, Matt Hilton.  The ARC I am reading of his is called Slash and Burn which is the first time it’s been in print.  The protagonist in this novel, Joe Hunter, is being compared to Jack Reacher, the main character in Lee Child’s novels.  That is a pretty bold claim to be made considering how prolific Lee Child is, so I am excited to finish this one and give you my thoughts.

The next author is one I am sure many are familiar with- Ellen Hopkins, the bestselling author of the Crank Series.  The ARC I am reading is called Triangles, and it is her first adult novel, as she normally writes YA.  I’ll admit, I have never read one of her books before, but I am familiar with the poetic setup she has in her other titles.  This one follows the same suit and is actually quite good.  Both novels are due to come out in October so check back soon for those reviews!

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