The Taker: A Mini Review

The Taker by Alma Katsu is a pretty great debut novel.  I’ve mentioned it so many times before but I’ll say it another time, I have read a lot of great debuts this year!  It’s always exciting to find new authors that you adore and Alma Katsu is certainly an author I will continue to read.  On to my thoughts about the book…

There is an apparent murder in a small town in rural Maine.  Dr. Luke Findley meets the young woman, Lanny, who is the alleged murderer, and feels a strange and immediate pull toward her. Luke agrees to help her flee the hospital and hears the story of her life along the way. Filled with love, betrayal, and immortality, Katsu takes you on a journey through time that is both beautiful and tragic.

Katsu’s writing is quite stellar. I felt such a strong attachment to Lanny with every turn of the page.  I embraced Luke as he helped Lanny to escape and heard her tale that spanned two hundred years. Only a true writer of great talent can fully engross a reader and make them react emotionally to every written word.  Alma Katsu does exactly that which is so rare to find.

The Taker is heartbreaking, eerie, and unforgettable- I highly suggest picking this one up and enjoying every word of it.

The Taker (September 2011) is available now and you can visit Alma Katsu’s website here for more information.


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