Slash and Burn: A Mini Review

I’ll admit to never reading any novels by Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connelly or any of the other really popular male authors constantly making the New York Times Bestseller List.  So when I got the Advance Readers Copy of Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton, I decided to give it a chance, as Hilton is often compared to the authors previously mentioned.

Joe Hunter, ex-CIA tough guy/hero of the Hilton novels, meets a desperate woman named Kate while on a Florida retreat. She needs help finding her sister, Imogen, who is missing and may be in trouble.  Joe agrees to help Kate and slowly falls for this woman who appeared so desperate in the beginning but who is actually capable of herself. Together they fight a lot of men while trying to figure out why Imogen has disappeared and why these men are searching for her as well.

While reading this, I will admit that much of it was easily predictable, especially the love between Joe and Kate. Even the play on Joe’s last name, Hunter, was a bit silly. There was only one part of this entire book that I was actually surprised at but I won’t speak of it here, just in case someone else is planning to read this novel of course, but I will say that it was surprising and made the overall novel a bit better for me.  This novel is most definitely something I would call a “mindless read” nothing you need to pay close attention to but something that is somewhat enjoyable and easy to read.  I wouldn’t suggest running out to purchase it- only if violence and an easy read is something you are seeking.  But, if you stumble upon it, you may want to pick it up especially if you happen to like the afore mentioned authors.

Slash and Burn is on sale 10/25/2011


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