Falling Whistles: Wear One and Spread the Word

I just received an awesome piece of statement jewelry…a whistle.

Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in Congo. Young boys are sent to war with only a whistle to blow when enemies are near, making them the first line of defense. By purchasing a whistle and wearing it everyday it becomes a conversation piece: it’s an eye catching piece of jewelry and sparks up the conversation for the War in Congo. I wear it everyday to help continue to spread the word on our world’s largest war.

If you decide to order one to help the cause, there are many different whistles to choose from varying in price.  The one pictured below is called “The Original” at $34.  There’s no shipping fee and they ship it out pretty quickly. Here’s what my package came with:

As you can see I got the whistle that is pictured in the middle, a thank you postcard with details about what else you can do to help, and beneath all of this is a newspaper compiled by the organization.

I encourage everyone to visit fallingwhistles and see what you can do to help! Even if you can’t afford a whistle or even money to donate, learning about the war in Congo and spreading the word helps!

I’m in no way affiliated with Falling Whistles nor was I asked to do this blog post, I just simply believe what they are doing is great and I want to spread the word as much as possible-

Think about what you can do…



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