Shatter Me: A Review

Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days.  She’s been locked in a cell because her touch is fatal and no one knows why.  In a world where the clouds are the wrong color, birds no longer fly through the sky and disease takes over life, Juliette doesn’t really matter.  Soon Juliette must decide to either be a weapon or a warrior…

The prose is quite interesting in Tahereh Mafi’s debut novel. It’s actually what I adore most about the book.  The protagonist, Juliette, is not the whiney teenage girl that can’t help herself. This girl can actually hold her own, which is very refreshing. Throughout the entire book, Juliette’s thoughts are laid out on the page but what Mafi does to spice up the novel and really make it unique is the use of a strikethrough through many of her thoughts. It makes for an interesting way of letting the reader into a character’s mind. Then there is the love story aspect: I simply cannot resist them! This certainly has a good one, but I’ll let you discover that one on your own.

The overrall premise of the book is quite good as well. It’s a superhero story with a female protagonist. I feel like it may be harder to find your own voice in the YA genre lately, as so many novels seem to be playing off of all the other ones in the genre. What Tahereh Mafi does is all natural, it’s her voice developing a unique idea and standing out from all the rest.

Overall: People who love action, dystopia, and a bit of romance will fall in love with this title. Personally, I think this is better than the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, so if you liked that then I am very confident that you will love this one. Check it out for yourself!


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