Gifts for Readers: Last Minute Ideas for the Book Lover on Your List!

Listed below are 5 great gifts/stocking stuffers any avid reader would love to get for Christmas!

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

Whether it’s a single novel or a collection of works by one author, these leatherbound classics would make a great gift for any occasion. They are gorgeous! They have that great book smell, gold or silver trimmed pages, and a ribbon book marker. For someone that is into classics or even collecting books, why not give them a great one this year?


Moleskine Passions Book Journal (or any other Moleskine)

Ah, the moleskine, it’s one of my favorite things! The title says it all-it’s a place to organize and write about the books you have read. This would be a great stocking stuffer or pairing with say, a classic novel?




Sticky Notes 

Why sticky notes? This may be my personal preference seeping out, but sticky notes make fantastic bookmarks, especially for those that refuse to fold the corner of a page down. They are also great for those that love taking notes but hate to write in books. I have purchased a lot of bookmarks, but nothing beats a sticky note.



Tote Bag

How many people can actually walk into a bookstore or library and get one book? By the time someone may locate the book he/she actually came into the store or library to get, a few others have jumped into their arms. Therefore, a tote bag is a necessity for many. Most stores have very nice, inexpensive, recyclable bags and then there are the bags that can get more expensive. One of my favorites is from outofprintclothing (This website has great things for book junkies =] )


Gift Cards

Nobody wants to be impersonal for Christmas or feel like they are taking the cheap way out, but a gift card is a really great gift for a book lover. He/She can pick and choose what they like and have a lot of fun spending hours in a bookstore. It’s what we book lovers love most. So don’t feel bad…we actually want gift cards!


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